ARC Wet Room Shower System

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Features and Benefits

Based on our experience and knowledge of the products available today, ARC, Inc. has assembled the best combination of shower formers and waterproofing membrane material to include in our wet room system. While we are constantly looking to improve on them, these products have proven to be easy to install, offer tremendous design flexibility, provide a foundation to achieve high-end, dramatic shower results to satisfy even the most demanding clientele, and deliver long-term reliability. Praise from carpenters, tilers, plumbers, homeowners, property managers, and facility directors attest to the system’s value in all types of construction.

  • Shower formers are designed for installation directly onto 16” o.c. joist systems
  • Formers are suitable for installation on wood sub-floors or on concrete
  • Easily cut formers using common power tools equipped with a fine-toothed blade: circular saw, jigsaw, or reciprocating saw.
  • The formers’ 7/8” thickness matches up well with standard ¾”-thick plywood sub-floor materials topped with ¼”-thick tile backer—perfect for seamless transitions for tile or vinyl flooring
  • Off-center drain holes allow repositioning formers to avoid conflicts with joists or other obstructions
  • The perimeter of each former has a 2” wide flat rim that makes leveling easy
  • Securing a former is easy with readily available sub-floor adhesive or thin set mortar, depending on installation circumstances
  • Exceptionally strong and rigid, these shower formers have a 4,000 lb. point load capacity rating– ideal for shower seat legs, mosaic tile, pebble and river rock, wheelchairs, bariatric accommodations, etc.
  • Former’s have no deflection or flexing when the drain hole and edges are properly supported and the installation adhesive is thoroughly applied
  • Shower formers are available in three square sizes and six rectangular sizes
  • Shower formers are pre-pitched for consistent drainage and tile installation (unlike custom concrete profiling, which is time-consuming, expensive, and usually delivers inconsistent pitch gradients)
  • Installing a shower former on joists requires no costly and problematic joist reinforcement like traditional concrete/rubber membrane shower base systems, and it’s much faster to install
  • Our waterproofing membrane dries exceptionally fast—30 to 50 minutes—so you can rapidly apply two coats and begin tiling
  • This waterproofing membrane changes color as it dries, providing a distinct visual cue to the progress of your project
  • ARC’s joint reinforcing fabric and gaskets are very pliant and easy to work, and they’re thin, so you avoid mounding issues that occur with other materials
  • All ARC Wet Room System products are IAPMO certification compliant
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